Logistics Coordinator

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Job Opportunity: Logistics Coordinator

Exceldor Cooperative in Hanover, Ontario is currently looking for a dedicated and driven individual to join the team as Logistics/Planning Coordinator.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work closely with the production planning team in Hanover to be aware of what is being produced on a daily basis and what products and quantities are shipping to outside warehouse locations
  • Collaborates with all outside warehouses to communicate planned loads into blast facilities
  • Working closely with the Logistics Department to determine on a daily basis what products and quantities will be shipped out of J&L/Hanover to a final destination – to another warehouse or direct to a customer.
  • Collaborates with the production planning team in Hanover to determine what region, product and quantities should be shipped to after the blast freezing process is complete
  • Maintains a daily inventory reconciliation of products at J&L
  • Working together with our Transportation providers to set up loads to ship out on a daily basis
    • Strive for the most cost-effective transport costs
  • Communicate with warehouse locations that product will be shipped into, to ensure space availability and dock time availability
  • Using the company JDE system, prepare paperwork and BOL’s for shipping product
  • In conjunction with the J&L Operations Manager, weekly tour the freezers to ensure temperatures are being held in check and to observe product in the facility
  • Ensure accurate information on “HOLD” products for traceability
  • During fresh production continuously monitor product for correct temperatures
    • Communicate with J&L Operations Manager if room temperatures need to be adjusted to keep product temperature in check
  • Laisse with customers that Exceldor produces custom orders for set up, pick slips, and delivery/transportation as required
  • Maintain and manage CHEP pallet information to maintain visibility of pallet costs
    • Communicate with all production facilities/warehouses/customers to ensure that all CHEP information is accurate and accounted for
    • Order and arrange pickup and delivery of CHEP pallets that are required
  • Follow up with transportation providers on invoices. Charges, discrepancies, etc.
  • Plan future requirements (daily, weekly, monthly) blast requirements and determine availability at outside locations
  • Manage transportation requirements and timing for orders that are shipped directly to customers from J&L or Hanover
  • Manage various transport reports for loads leaving Hanover and J&L

Applicants are encouraged to apply through indeed or by submitting a resume directly to the human resources department, high-lighting relevant experience, and skills, by no later than September 1, 2023.

Type d'emploi Permanent


Logistics Coordinator

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