December 22, 2023

Ending the Year with a Good Deed

About 25 employees of Exceldor Cooperative and volunteers from the Society of Saint-Vincent de Paul met in December to hand out delicious Exceldor turkeys to families facing financial hardship.

We could feel the happiness and relief in these families, while smiles and satisfaction were visible on all the faces of the participating employees and volunteers of the organization.

This initiative, which originated from the idea of an employee who expressed the desire to see Exceldor donate turkeys, soon translated into something more meaningful than a simple donation of products like Exceldor Cooperative has been doing. What makes this good deed unique is its human side and the fact that employees and volunteers went out in person to meet families in need. The day obviously brought the participants a great sense of pride. One hundred families in total received a turkey to set their table this holiday season.

See for yourself the roll-out of this operation.

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