Animal welfare is one of our primary concerns
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Our commitment to animal welfare

Animal welfare is a huge team effort which brings together hundreds of Exceldor Cooperative employees, every day.

Drawing from best practices worldwide, we have developed a program that is consistent with the human values and ethics that make our cooperative unique. Our team of specialists is dedicated full-time to training our members, employees, and business partners and auditing their work to ensure the health and well-being of birds.

We are always looking for innovative ways to improve our working methods and are committed to the highest national and international standards of quality and food safety. Treating birds with dignity is a question of respect and pride for us.

THE PILLARS OF ANIMAL WELFARE Our Animal Welfare Department’s mission is to make sure all our birds are treated with respect and dignity.

Our commitment to animal welfare extends from the breeding farm to the processing plant.

  • Improve farming conditions

    Our commitment to animal welfare starts on our members’ farms. We make sure they raise their birds in optimum conditions and advise our producers about best practices. We also inspect the condition of the buildings, litter, and ventilation. And we audit bird loading at one-third of our farms every week.

  • Proper bird handling

    We have developed our own way to properly handle the birds. Today our capturing standards are higher than any other in the industry. Everyone handling our birds receives our mandatory animal welfare training, and our team audits the quality of their work regularly.

  • Ensuring comfortable transportation

    We make sure our birds’ trip to the processing plant is as pleasant as possible. All our trucks have probes that transmit via GPS so we can track temperature throughout the trip. We’ve also developed considerable expertise in managing transportation in high heat and intense cold so we can make sure the birds are comfortable. And we always keep the trips as short as possible.

  • Processing well

    An employee meets every truck that arrives at the processing plant and carefully assesses the birds’ condition. Everyone in every plant who handles birds directly or indirectly has received our animal welfare training. We audit all our plants once a month. During those audits, we not only assess the quality of our employees’ work, we also make sure our machines are working properly.

  • Recognizing animal welfare excellence

    We were the first and are still the only industry player to have created a program to recognize employee excellence in the area of animal welfare.

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Our environmental commitment

At Exceldor Cooperative, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously.

Without natural resources, our industry simply wouldn’t exist. We are determined to do our part to build a greener agri-food future. We take concrete steps to promote sustainable development. For instance, we use as little water as possible on our farms and in our plants. We use smart building technologies to keep energy consumption as low as possible. We have systems in place to capture the heat generated by our refrigeration systems. And we recently installed solar panels at our distribution centre in Belœil. These are but a few examples of our unwavering commitment to protecting and improving the environment.

The community’s welfare guides everything we do
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Our product quality commitment

We strive for quality down to the smallest detail, from our farms to our processing plants. And we leave nothing to chance.

All our plants fall under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), which makes sure our products meet the highest quality standards to guarantee your food safety.

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Our commitment to the community

We are actively involved in every community where we are present.

Each year, we provide financial support to like-minded organizations that share our values and help those in need. We also donate products to numerous food banks in Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba to combat food insecurity in Canada.

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Our commitment to our employees

We are committed to our employees.

We provide training and professional development programs and attach great importance to promoting workplace health and safety, diversity, and equal opportunity.

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