August 9, 2021

Exceldor Cooperative presents Carine and Thierry's over the fire cooking method

Carine and Thierry love spending time outdoors. For them, a campfire not only serves to unite and bring comfort but also happens to be their favourite cooking method.

Over time, they have perfected their art of using fire and coals to prepare the best local products with the most authentic flavours.

While in the forest, they prefer to take their time. Besides cooking food slowly over the fire, they season it differently using olive oil flavoured with embers or using smoked fir branches. Over the fire cooking allows the couple to enjoy the fresh air and to prepare meals with flavours that they cannot replicate at home.

In addition to savouring every boreal-flavoured bite, our enthusiasts enjoy a moment together outdoors where all their passions intersect. As Thierry often says,
“You just have to try it and you'll definitely love it.”

Try their recipes